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Welcome to the Lanier Vikings Class of '69.

This page hosts the slideshow produced by Jack from Sailor and Viking yearbooks.

Vikings 1969

Viking Class of '69 Panoramic Photo Download

Vintage Viking Voices

Viking Veterans

Valhalla Vikings

Vikings 40th Videe Part 2 (2010)

Vikings 40th Shared Photos

Vikings 40th Shared Photo Part 2 (2010)

Viking Group 8x10 and Other Sizes Part 2 (2010)

Viking Group

Because there is some interest in getting the videos on DVD as well as a nice 8x10

print of the group photo I have put together a package deal for $25.

It also includes the commemorative name badge for those who did not attend.

The link below takes you to an Events page where you must click the '69 Vikings 40th link.

Viking 40th Commemorative Package

Viking DVD Package

Seniors Home

Every Viking gets a half-priced Family Portrait session.

Call 512-260-8400 to book your session.