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Monica & Jack Puryear bring over 50 years of experience in the arts. Graduating from The University of Florida with a BFA, Monica is an accomplished oil painter. While her originals are not offered to the public she is excited to share them thru the fine art "Giclee" printing process. Jack graduated from Sam Houston State with a degree in photography and completed graduate work at The University of Texas at San Antonio. Beside commercial photography Jack's love of the Texas landscape led him to develope the unusual style of assembling multi-frame panoramas. Together, Monica and Jack focus their creative talents resulting in truly distinctive works of art which are made available to you on this website in 3 sections:

Landscapes by

Monica Puryear

Reproductions of Oil Originals

Equestrian Prints

by Monica & Jack Puryear

Landscapes by

Jack Puryear

High Resolution Panoramic Photography

Fire Road

Champagne du Cheval

Hamilton Pool

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